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The Many Uses of Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Essential oils are one of my favorite little luxuries.

The person who first introduced me to essential oils was my godmother. She’s a wonderful and open spirit who, after globetrotting and living a general life of mischief, settled down in a dessert near Joshua Tree National Park.

Growing up, she shared many aspects of her wisdom with me. This included everything from astrology resources to the best German deli near Palm Springs (George’s) to several-hours long conversations about all of my hopes and fears.

Periodically, she would send me care packages. Their contents made me believe in magic: sage bundles, genie lamps, and jade objects from her travels to China.

One time, she sent me a set of essential oils: rosemary and rose. I cherished them and used them rarely, if ever.

Once, my mother came to visit me while I was living in San Francisco. As is her lifelong habit, she decided to tidy up my room while I was at work. When I arrived, I was suffocated by the smell of rosemary.

She had used every last drop of rosemary essential oil for my reed diffusers. I later recounted the story to my godmother, who without missing a beat said, “At least it wasn’t the rose oil. Then I would’ve had to kill her.”

Here’s a list of my favorite ways to use essential oils. I hope that you honor my godmother by purchasing high quality oils, and use them sparingly!

  1. Use them on my wool dryer balls from Trader Joe’s to give laundry a nice, fresh scent

  2. Add them to your diffuser/ humidifier to keep your room smelling fresh

  3. If the quality isn’t that high or you don’t particularly like the scent, add a few drops in your toilet bowl to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. One year I received a set of essential oils from a colleague that really didn’t smell great. Reader, I flushed them down the toilet, and never felt better.

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