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Soup for 1

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I needed some extra TLC after a pretty hard weekend.

One of my favorite ways of relaxing and disconnecting is by cooking for myself. As much as I love entertaining and cooking for guests, there’s something so freeing and nurturing about trying a new recipe for yourself, in your sloppiest sweatpants, and not caring whether or not something looks presentable as long as it tastes just how you like it.

If I’m trying to make something for the first time, I try to find recipes that don’t call for too many ingredients or cooking time - underpromise, overperform! Plus when a recipe is quick and simple, it becomes less daunting, and I have less of an excuse to pull out the “I’m too tired” card.

I feel like cooking for one can be stigmatized sometimes, or seen as too challenging because often portions at US grocery stores are quite large. However, after having the better part of the last 10 years cooking primarily for myself, allow me to be the first to disavow you of these notions. It’s so easy to cut recipes in half (or thirds, or quarters), and tupperware and a simple grocery list will make sure that you never have to deal with food going bad before you get a chance to eat it.

Although this isn’t a food blog, I wanted to share this recipe with you. It’s really brought me joy in what has been a challenging day, and I’m already looking forward to making it again and perfecting it. I hope this brings you the same small pleasure it’s brought me

Italian Lentil Soup with Sausage Recipe:

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