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4 Tips for Moving on a Budget

Take me with you!

To keep up with the “moving” theme this week, check out these 4 tips for relocating on a budget!

  1. The less you have, the less expensive the move! Let’s face it, that rug you thought was so chic for your current place but had a few too many glasses of wine spilled over time and no longer fits in your next place might be your treasured memory, but it’s really trash for most people. Be mindful of this when purchasing items! How many times have you gone on Craiglist and seen items on sale for dirt cheap, or strolled along a city sidewalk and found a great side table? This is where your furniture will (more than likely) end up, unless you are specifically purchasing investment pieces. So think accordingly, and restrain yourself when it comes to purchasing furniture, especially if you are fresh out of school. If it’s less expensive to just buy a new piece than to pay the moving cost on it, is it really worth it?

  2. Research, research, research. For my cross-country move from San Francisco to New York, I chose a company called Oz Moving who completed the move for less than $500. When moving between boroughs, EQ Movers. I ask my friends how much their moves cost to get an idea of price possibilities, and try to use this as the maximum I would be willing to spend. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and call for moving quotes until you find a price that is satisfactory to you!

  3. Think outside of the box: Grocery stores, office supply shops, Target - any place of business that uses boxes for delivery is a great place to stop by and ask whether any extra boxes are available!

  4. Store boxes you get from deliveries: Occasionally I’ll make a bulk purchase on Target, and the items will arrive in a pretty large box. If I know that I will be moving soon (like when I am in school), II try and carefully fold and store these bigger boxes and stash them somewhere dry for later use.

Next week, I'm going to shift gears and focus more on food and wellness. If you like what you have read, or have any suggestions for topics you'd like me to cover, please leave a comment! I am always looking for new ideas.

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