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Luxury Packing on a Dime

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

alt="pair of red, lacquered high heel shoes ready for packing"

I absolutely love to travel. I love every part of the experience - from people watching at the airport, to catching up on trashy movies on the plane, to finally arriving at the destination, I appreciate every last bit!

I’m one of those people who collects hotel soaps and shampoos like they're candy.

Occasionally I get to stay in a hotel that provides cloth shoe bags, and I get so stoked when they do! I like to keep these bags and use them to pack my shoes for future trips.

One of my dreams is to own a set of monogrammed packing bags. Until then, this is my little trick I use to “elevate” the packing part of traveling! What are some of your favorite packing tips?

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