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3 Ways to Save Money with Student E-Mali

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Savings never looked so good.

As a current student living on a budget, I appreciate taking advantage of these (discounts) whenever I can.

One of my favorite ways to do so is through my .edu e-mail address. The benefits that this offers are sometimes overlooked - if you’ve been paying for a Spotify premium account for several years, it won’t necessarily be top of the mind to register with a student account to secure a discounted subscription!

Here’s my top 3 sometimes overlooked ways to maximize your .edu e-mail account:

  1. Buying Apple products: Apple offers education pricing for Mac products, iPads, and various accessories ( If you are about to graduate, this is a way to treat yourself while still benefiting from your student status.

  2. Streaming services: Students pay $4.99 / month for a Hulu + Spotify subscription. Amazon Prime also offers a free 6-month trial for students.

  3. Newspaper & magazine subscriptions: The Wall Street Journal and the Economist offer discounted subscriptions for students. Often times, schools will partner with news sources to provide free / discounted access. Be sure to check with your school first to see if you can get free access, before deciding to pay for a subscription!

  4. Does your school issue life-long alumni accounts? Often-times, these end in “.edu” as well! Don’t forget about them when you graduate, many times you can still gain access to reduced pricing with a valid e-mail address.

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