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An Easy "Hack" to Avoid the Pink Tax

By now, many of us have heard about the “pink tax” - the pernicious markup on women’s items on ostensibly unisex items (think razors, and the cost of dry cleaning for a dress shirt) that male goods are not subject to. To get a better grasp on why this is problematic, I really recommend that you check out this article from Good Housekeeping that breaks down the concept in more detail.

However, my job is to provide solutions, and I’m here to give you just that!

One of my favorite “hacks” to avoid the pink tax is by buying men’s razors and shaving accessories. In college, I started using men’s razors after seeing my friends do so, since these were way cheaper.

To give you an example: these men’s 12-count razors by Target's Up & Up brand are $2.99. The nearest equivalent is the women’s triple blade disposable razor, a pack of only 4 that sells for exactly the same price. Target doesn’t even offer the same version of the men's razor for women - Bic does, however, offer a 10-count pack for $3.29. I don't know about you, but this really blows my mind. If you are a woman shopping for female shaving products, you are not even offered the same choice as men. At some point in the cost-benefit analysis, Target realized it was far more profitable to push women into higher cost products. The result translates directly into our wallets, and illustrates exactly how $1 for a man goes much farther than $1 for a woman in today's society.

No matter which way you slice it, you are paying for the pink tax as a woman for something as innocuous as a double-blade razor.

Another pink tax shaving “hack” I really like is buying men’s shaving cream. I have really sensitive skin, and razor burn has always been an issue for me. This is part of the reason I buy disposable razors - if I don’t use a fresh blade every 2 - 3 shaves, my skin gets extremely itchy.

Blue, red, and white can of Barbasol shaving cream.
A humble warrior against the pink tax.

Shaving cream helps mitigate this, and I’ve been loyal to Barbasol since I was a teenager. I love the rich lather, and one can lasts for several months. The few times that I used women’s shaving cream products, I was running back to the store to refill much more frequently! I also try to avoid heavily scented / perfumed products, and women’s skincare, especially shaving creams, are chalk full of these. So Barbasol is a triple threat: 1. Cheap. 2. Economy-sized 3. Fragrance free.

Do you have any favorite pink tax hacks? Share in the comments below!

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